Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome to February!

Here is the Schedule for Earth Science for the week of February 1st - 5th

Monday - Complete the radioactive decay lab, questions - Due Tuesday
Read - Chapter 10 Sections 4 & 6 - add the following words to your vocabulary foldable for this unit:
Geologic Time Scale
Mass Extinction

Tuesday - Older or Younger? Relative age activity in class - questions due Weds.

Wednesday - Making the geologic time scale - in class activity - bring colored pencils! Extra Credit - Make a Mnemonic to help students remember the order of the eras in the geologic time scale. Due Friday.

Thursday - The geologic history of MN - Bring Colored Pencils. Fossils Study Guide - Due Monday 02-08.

Friday - Geologic history of MN continued. - Bring Colored Pencils
Make your own Trilobite Due Monday.

Earth's History Exam Monday 02/08!

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