Friday, March 5, 2010

March is Here!

Assignments and Activities in Earth Science for the week of March 1-5:

Monday - Identifying Volcano Types Activity in class - Volcanic Eruption Prompt and Volcanoes Clue Search Puzzle (extra credit) Due Tuesday.

Tuesday - Volcanoes Reviewed - Quiz (Open Note, Earthquake Vocabulary Pre-test
Homework - Read section 1 of Chapter 6 and answer the following question: What are earthquakes and what causes them? - Take notes on your reading, in any manner of your choosing.

Wednesday - Review Earthquake Vocabulary - Forces and Faulting notes and lab
Homework - Read section 2 of Chapter 6, and answer the following question: How does the energy from an earthquake travel through the earth, and how is it measured? - Take notes in any manner of your choosing.

Thursday - In class reading of Chapter 6 Section 3 - Group review / activities

Friday - Mercalli Scale Activity - Due Monday

*NOTE* - Trimester 2 Gradebook is closed next Tuesday March 9th.

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