Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April is Testing Time

The weeks of April have been filled with testing, as 8th grade students complete the MCA II Reading, Math, and Science Exams.

Amongst the days of testing, students in Science are working on the Planet Unit in class.

The following is the schedule for the Weeks of April 19 and April 26

Monday - April 19th - MCA Science Testing Preparation - Tutorial and Practice exam
Tuesday April 20th - MCA Science Testing Preparation - Observations
Wednesday April 21st - MCA Science Testing Preparation - Using Evidence
Thursday April 22nd Earth Day! - Ecological Footprint Activities
Friday April 23rd - Mini Milky Way Planet Project Day 1

Monday April 26th - Mini Milky Way Planet Project Day 2
Tuesday April 27th - MCA Science Testing Preparation - Classroom Assessments
Wednesday April 28th - Mini Milky Way Planet Project Assembly and Presentation Day
Thursday April 29th - Planet Unit Study guide work day
Friday April 30th - Planets Quiz / Introduction to the Atmosphere

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