Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Long Hiatus

The second trimester is over and third is beginning. My personal goal is to help all students be better informed about what is happening in class, and parents to know what they should see at home.

Hopefully we can work together towards greater student success in the third trimester.

Activities for the week of March 8-11 are as follows:

Tuesday - March 8th
Lunar Lollypop Lab Due
Moon Phase Quiz
Gravity exploration activity in class.

Want to see footage of just one of hundreds of science experiments conducted on the moon? Check out the following link:

Galileo's experiment

Wednesday - March 9th
Introduction to stars - Quick write and quick draw in astronomy notebooks.
MCA test preparation - The Three Little Red Riding...?
Lunar landing challenge if time.

Thursday March 10th
MCA testing preparation - interpreting data and graphs and using evidence to support conclusions.

Stellar Skies Web Quest - in computer lab.

Some other great sites for space information and scenarios include:
Google Sky - think google Earth only for the whole universe
Earth Impact scenario maker

Have a great week everyone!

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