Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Arrives!

April is here, and so is some spring like weather!

Here are the items students in science will be working on during the week of April 5- 8

Tuesday - In class - Planet presentations and Props
Bring textbook to class on Wednesday

In Class - Entire hour as work time to complete notes and questions for Chapter 20 sections 3,4, & 5.
Notes should go on the right side pages of students astronomy notebooks and include: characteristics of the planets including composition, revolution, rotation, moons, rings and distinguishing features.

Section review questions are on pages 717, 727, and 733.

Notes and questions are due on Thursday

In class - Review notes and section questions from Chapter 20 sections 3,4 & 5
Work time for stars and planets study guide - a crossword with 15 words or terms from the textbook or your astronomy notebook. Crosswords will be due Tuesday, and study signatures will be due Wednesday next week.

Friday - In class
Fact or fib review preparations
The Solar System Video - reviewing telescopes, space exploration, and a discussion about Pluto.
Study-guide crosswords Due Tuesday

All students must study for 1/2 hour for the exam, and get a signature verifying their study time. Due Wednesday

Stars and Planets exam is Wednesday April 13

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