Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April weather proves summer isn't quite here yet. It's ok, we have Plate Tectonics to study!

MCA Math testing during math classes all week

Mid-trimester is this Thursday April 21. All missing and late work from the Astronomy unit is due by Thursday.

Monday April 18 - Plates outline/Fact storming (Ch.5 Sec 3-5) Due
Review of Plates Picture Cards
Earth Revealed Video Segment

Tuesday April 19
Earth Revealed video segment & Questions
Sea Floor Spreading Activity Due Thursday April 21st

Wednesday April 20
Plotting recent earthquakes and volcanoes
Plotting mid ocean ridges and trenches
Review planets and stars exams
Sea Floor Spreading Activity work time - Due Thursday

Thursday April 21
Sea Floor Spreading Activity Due
Plates maps completed
Plates review worksheet - Due Tuesday April 26
Plates Quiz is also on Tuesday.

Happy Easter!

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