Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May is Here!

Activities for the week of May 3rd

Tuesday May 3rd
In Class - Complete Earthquake Notes
Mercalli Scale Activity Description
Slinky waves Activity

At Home - Read through the instructions for the Mercalli Scale Lab and attempt to assign the first THREE cities a Mercalli Scale value, and color in those cities the appropriate color on the map. (We will be reviewing this together in class on Weds - it will be due on Thurs.)

Also, complete the Slinky Waves Lab follow up questions for Wednesday.

Wednesday May 4th
Locating an Epicenter Activity - Class time is given to work on this activity as well as the Mercalli Activity. Both are Due Thursday at the beginning of the hour (as always).

Introduction to Volcanoes

Thursday May 5th
Volcano types notes
Magma Types Activity - Due Tuesday

Friday May 6th
Historic Volcanic Eruptions
Magma types and Volcanic Eruptions sheet (with RAP-Q on back) Due Tuesday.
Homework - Volcano Writing Activity and Extra Credit word puzzle Due Tuesday May 10th

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