Thursday, November 12, 2009

Extra Credit !

Students have several opportunities throughout the school year in order to earn extra credit.

A question of the week is posted weekly in class, which students can earn up to an additional 5 points, depending on the completeness of their answers. Some questions come right from class activities, or the textbook, some are based on current events, and others can be found by doing an internet search for the topic.

In November and December, students can earn extra credit by posting - or responding to a post on the class blog The Revolving Earth

Before posting, please read the Commenting Guidelines for some information on blog posting etiquette

There are two options for posts;
1. Students can post information or comments about classroom activities, topics, or find links to additional information that other students might find helpful in learning class topics.These posts can be added simply by clicking on post a comment link beneath any of the current blog postings.

2. Students can provide a summary of a current event that is earth science related. Posts should include a description of the process that is involved in making this a current event. Please add your current event as a comment to the current events here blog post.

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MN p7 said...

I think physical projects help to understand what we are learing.I also think that hands on stuff is very help full.

1.) Outer layer is nickle best fact ....