Thursday, November 12, 2009

Earth Science Current Events

What's happening in the world that is earth-science related?

There are daily examples of how ongoing processes of the earth impact humans. Post what you find here, and we can have a discussion about the science behind the current event, as well as the societal implications of that event.

Remember, you can post something entirely new, or you can comment on something that another person has posted. Please remember to read and follow the blog commenting guidelines as you post.

Here's an example from this past weekend:
Watch as a rock slide in Tennessee wipes out a highway.
Think about these questions:
What do you think caused the rocks to fall as they did? How often do you think something like this happens? What problems might this rock fall cause? Did the place in the video remind you of any roadways you've been on before?

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-Mrs. Olson said...

I'm glad I wasn't driving on that road that day.