Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week of November 16th

Monday - Students made paper wedge models of the earth, and made a graph showing the temperatures at different depths within the earth. Both the graphs and the models are due Tuesday

Tuesday - Students investigated several every-day items in terms of how well they model the earth. Their reflection (ABSTRACT) judgements (DATA) and comments (DATA), on their Models of Earth Lab are due Thursday.

Wednesday - Wednesday is a reward activity day for Middle school students. Morning classes will not meet - afternoon classes will work on critical thinking/problem solving activities during their hour.

Thursday - Students will llook at an actual example of a published abstract, reviewing the type of information in the abstract, and the format that it is written in. After assessing the published abstract, they'll share their abstracts from the models of earth lab, and determine whether or not theirs needs additional information or other revision.

Friday - Students will have 1/2 of the hour as review for our Earth's Layers unit, then participate in an introductory lesson for our next unit Minerals.

Monday of next week (November 23rd) there will be quiz on the layers of the earth.

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