Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November Gales Arriving?

Last week was perhaps an early glimpse of the type of weather we expect in November.

Check out this page on the Edmund Fitzgerald  to see some of the effects the Gales of November have had on Minnesota in the past.

The following are the activities that will be taking place in Mrs. Olson's science classes for the week of November 2nd through 5th.

Tuesday Nov 2nd - Don't forget to vote!
Mineral Properties worksheet Due

In Class - Minerals placemat and introduction to unknown mineral identification

Wednesday - Mineral properties discussion

Thursday - Unknown mineral identification lab procedure writing

Friday - Unknown mineral Lab Investigation day.
Homework - complete data interpretation and conclusion sections of unknown mineral lab - be prepared to present your findings on Tuesday. Also,
Minerals vocabulary activity #2 Due Tuesday Nov 9th.

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