Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Energy unit begins!

This week we begin our last unit of the school year, energy. With this unit students will be investigating both non-renewable and renewable energy sources, and examining the ways in which we are affected by the sun's energy as well. For the end of the school year students will have the opportunity to build and bake in an oven using only solar energy.

Activities for the week of May 17th include:

Natural Disasters quiz
Energy detective discussion

Wednesday -
Review energy detective activities, discuss forms of energy and energy transfer
Non-renewable energy notes - Due Thursday

Thursday -
Review non-renewable energy notes
Renewable energy notes read and complete & Energy word web activity both Due Friday

Friday -
Discussion of solar energy
EPA "Sunwise" presentation
Homework: Create an announcement/poster/poem etc. illustrating dangers of the sun and/or ways to protect yourself. Due Tuesday

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