Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The end of September arrives.

Activities and homework for the week of September 27 are as follows:

Tuesday: In Class - Test - Homework - draw a map/sketch of Mrs. Olson's classroom on pg. 7 of science notebook.

Wednesday: In Class - Discussion of "What makes a map a map?"
Homework: Read Sections 1-2 of Chapter 2. Complete section assessment questions on pages 38 (#1-2) and 47 (#1-4) -Answers go on page 9 of science notebook. Write notes of unfamiliar terms/concepts from reading on pages 8 & 10 of science notebook .

Thursday: In class - review questions from Weds, Begin looking at scale and scale models. Will have majority of class time to measure and begin a scale model map of the classroom. Homework: Scale model of classroom due Tuesday 10/03.

Friday- In class - whole period measurement and map making time. Completed scale model maps are due Tuesday.

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