Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 4-7

The following is information about what's happening in class this week.

Tuesday: Work time all hour, complete scale model drawings of the classroom. Due Wednesday at the beginning of class.

Review - What is matter, atomic particles & phases of matter.
Make matter flash cards

Want more information, or a catchy way to know the elements?
Check out Tom Lehrer's Element song, or They Might Be Giants "Meet the Elements"

Matter flow chart
Chemical and physical change demonstrations
Lab: Compounds and mixtures - Notes, demonstration and exploration. How do we know which is which?
Homework: In science notebook; Describe 5 examples of chemical changes and 5 examples of physical changes that you experience in your life, also make a summary statement about compounds and mixtures.

Acids and Bases Lab - due at end of hour
Maps and Matter review
Homework: Maps and Matter Vocabulary Activity - Due Tuesday 10/11
QUIZ on maps and matter Tuesday.

Have a great week!

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