Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year

Welcome to 2012!

Activities for the week of January 3rd include:
In Class - read Chapter 5 Sections 3 and 5 (already completed section 4 before break)
Fill out One side of the Plate Tectonics Notes/Fact Storming Sheet while reading
Homework - Complete notes page/reading if not finished by end of class time. Finish coloring flip book pages for activity on Wednesday.

In Class - Pop Quiz on reading from Tuesday
Plates flip books - Complete your book and one of these activities for Thursday:
Creating the Atlantic Ocean or Continental Migration India

In Class-
Earth Science in the news;
Listen - Ohio earthquakes
Watch - New life at Mid ocean Ridges
Question/Discussion session following

Homework - Complete Data table for Sea Floor Spreading activity (except rate of movement) for Friday

In Class - Plate Tectonics Evidence Foldable,
Part 2 of Sea Floor Spreading Exercise - Remainder Due Tuesday, Plate Tectonics Study Guide work time
Homework: Complete Sea Floor Spreading Exercise
Plate Tectonics Study Guide Due Tuesday

** All students need a parent/guardian signature on their study guide indicating 1/2 hour of study time before Wednesday's Plate Tectonics Quiz. Signature/Study time may be completed either this weekend or Tuesday Evening.

**Plate Tectonics Quiz Wednesday 01/11/12**

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