Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January flies by with gusto!

My apologies in not keeping up with the blog the past couple of weeks, as I have been away from my classroom for a variety of other job-related duties. 

Activities etc. for the week of January 17th include:

Tuesday January 17th In Class - Tessellations investigation - make three different tessellating shapes. Click here for a cool web-based tessellation maker, a bit fancier than what we did in class.
Homework - Create a 3-dimensional version of one of the six crystal systems.
 For an A you need to attempt either the hexagonal, triclinic, or monoclinic crystal shape
For a B you need to attempt either the tetragonal or orthorhombic crystal shape
For a C you need to attempt the cubic crystal.
Click here to see a sample of each of the crystal shapes.

Wednesday January 18th
In Class - Introduction to Minerals, mineral identification lab day 1
Science Notebooks collected for hours 5&6
Homework - None!

Thursday January 19th
Middle school conferences are tonight and next Monday from 12-7. All students are scheduled to meet with their homeroom teacher for conferences.
In class - Mineral identification lab day 2
Science Notebooks collected for hours 1&2
Homework- None!

Friday January 20th
In Class - Mineral identification lab day 3
Homework - Review key characteristics of each of the 12 required minerals
Mineral Vocabulary activity - due Wednesday January 25th

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