Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello February...

Activities and learning objectives for the week of January 31st include:

Learning objective: Students should understand the process of and conditions favorable for mineral formation.
In Class: Rock candy making, Giant Crystal Cave video clip
Homework: None

Learning objective: Students should be able to explain the impact that mining has on land and the difficulties in making a profit when mining.
In Class: Cookie Mining activity Homework: Summarize questions from lab for Thursday. 

Learning objective: Apply what you have learned about the mineral samples in class to new "unknown" minerals. Explain the definition of a mineral. Describe how each of the properties of minerals is tested. In Class: Team review game - Minerals
Homework: Study for Minerals Exam on Friday

Learning Objective: Demonstrate thorough knowledge of minerals through successful completion of the mineral exam. In Class: Minerals Exam
Homework: Find a (small) rock and bring to class on Tuesday.

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