Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February 7-10

Activities and objectives for this week include:

Tuesday: Objective - Use evidence to back up the story that you create
In Class - Label rock placemat
Homework - Bring a rock to class tomorrow

Wednesday: Objective - to classify objects based on their properties
In Class - Classification activities, Rocks I notice, I wonder notebook entries,
Homework - None

Thursday: Objective - know the distinguishing characteristics of Igneous rocks
In Class - Rock sample I notice/I wonder investigation,. Read Chapter 4 Section 1 to answer the questions 1. What is a rock? and How do we tell them apart? - Igneous rocks Notes
Homework - None

Friday: Objective - to know the distinguishing characteristics of Sedimentary rocks
In Class - Sedimentary rocks notes, Sedimentary rocks video, Rock sample investigation
Homework Rocks Vocabulary Activity - Due Wednesday - Some questions are about Metamorphic rocks, which we will be studying in class on Tuesday - you can fill in those questions after we learn about them.

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