Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Conferences begin this week

I hope that everyone had a restful and refreshing long weekend
Our first set of conferences are this Thursday 10/27 from 4:30-8pm
All students have a conference scheduled with their homeroom teacher

Here are the in-class activities for the week of October 25-28

Tuesday 10/25
Due: Earth Science Posters
In Class - Layers of the Earth Experts reading and sharing
In Class - Begin scale model of the earth's layers
Homework: Completed models due Thursday 10/27 at the beginning of class

Wednesday 10/26
In Class -
1.Continued gathering of information about Earth's layers through reading of Chapter 5 section 1 - p. 124-131 - add notes to notebook about each layer.
2.Investigation of characteristics of the earth through graphing - Depth vs. Temperature Graph Due Thursday
3. Work time to complete scale model of earth's layers.

Homework: Complete reading and notes, graph of temp. vs. depth and scale model.

Thursday 10/27
In Class - Models of Earth Lab
Homeowork: Complete Models of Earth discussion: choose an object or combination of objects and describe why it would make a better model of the layers of the earth than any of the four things you investigated in class today (egg, avocado, whopper, and apple). Be sure to include what characteristics of the object make it a good model of that layer. Due Friday

Friday 10/28
In Class Review of Earth's layers. Earth's layers quiz
Introduction to Earthquakes - vocabulary and concept pre-test

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