Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November is here!

Strange as it may be, I can't wait for snow to arrive!

Hope you had a safe and fun Halloween.

Here are the activities and assignments for the week of November 1st

Tuesday November 1st -
In Class: Completed introductory activities to the earthquake unit including reviewing earthquake vocabulary, red/green false/true earthquake statements, and began plotting both historical and current locations of earthquakes. Students need to plot 15 historical earthquakes from the list on their maps. If they use class time wisely, this will not be a homework assignment. Maps will, however, eventually be turned in for credit, and so they will be homework for students who wasted class time.

Wednesday November 2nd -
In Class: Plotting of earthquakes from 11/01/11 and labeling mountains/continents.
Watched Bill Nye's "Earthquakes" Focus question for the video: What causes earthquakes?
No homework today.

Thursday November 3rd -
In Class:
Reading chapter 6 Sections 1-2 with focus questions to guide note taking. Summary questions for the reading (to be answered in class, or as homework for Friday) include:

Friday November 4th
In Class:
Forces and faulting notes and lab
Homework: Summarize your learning from the Forces and Faulting lab by answering the following questions - Due Tuesday -
1. What type of forces do you think are most common in the earth?

2. What determines how much your shape changed during the lab? How does this translate to earthquakes in real life?

3. Name three reasons for why all earthquakes do not have the same amount of force...

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