Monday, October 17, 2011

A short week for students.

Activities and information for the week of October 17th-19th.

Monday 10/17
In class: Reading prompt: What is a hypothesis?
Hypothesis writing practice

Click here for an online hypothesis generator. It isn't always grammatically correct, but it will give you some additional ideas on how to form an If-then statement hypothesis. This site is also a good review of two key vocabulary words for this year: Independent variable and Dependent variable.

Tuesday 10/18
In class: Continued hypothesis practice,The Structure of the earth reading passage and follow-up, design and conduct an experiment for items that we must observe indirectly
Homework: Write a conclusion for today's lab - How can the techniques that we used in class today help us to understand how scientists learn about the inside of the earth?

Wednesday 10/19
In class: Discussion and re-cap of "Feely bag" and "Noisy tube" exploration from Tuesday, work time for Earth Science Posters
Homework: Create a poster that illustrates 4 Earth Science topics. Posters should also include Earth Science Title, and be neatly constructed, with color. Due Tuesday 10/25

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