Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The month in review: Recapping the 2nd and 3rd weeks of November...

Activities for the week of November 15th include:

Tuesday- 11/15/11
In class:
1.Review of Mercalli Scale activity - if you found the epicenter, it should make a bulls-eye pattern on your map. To see current earthquakes and the Mercalli Scale reports from people who felt the earthquake, check out the USGS web page
2.Review of hypothesis writing procedures
3. Notes on locating an earthquake's focus and epicenter
4. Review strategy for topics using key vocabulary words and highlighting those words in science notebooks for additional focus when studying.
Homework: Review for Quiz - Quiz postponed until Friday of this week.

Wednesday 11/16/11
In class:
Hypothesis practice activity - doughnut scenario
Reviewing key forces and faulting terms (Forces inside Earth worksheet)
P and S wave arrival time lag - beginning to look at how p and s waves can be used to locate an epicenter.
Homework: None, if Forces inside earth worksheet was completed during class

Thursday 11/17/11
In class:
Earthquakes quick write - What causes earthquakes?
Hypothesis practice activity - acne scenario
Review forces and faulting terms from Forces inside Earth worksheet
Review Scale models
Review Mercalli scale labs
Review of Layers of the earth
Viewing of actual places on earth with earthquake-related landforms
Rotating review of daily goals for earthquake unit - preparation for Friday's quiz.
Homework: Study for quiz!

Friday 11/18/11
In class:
Quiz - Earthquakes, Scale Models, Layers of the Earth & Hypothesis writing
Earthquake measurement tools and techniques. Locating an epicenter using P & S waves
Homework: Locating an epicenter packet due Monday 11.21.11

And... from last week -

Activities for the week of November 8-11

Tuesday 11/08/11
Forces and Faulting notes and discussion

Wednesday 11/09/11
Scale Models Review
Review Chapter 6 Section 1 Questions
Homework: Scale model of textbook due Thursday

Thursday 11/10/11
Chapter 6 section 2 reading and notes - using the "I learned, I remember" strategy after each paragraph of reading
Chapter 6 Section 3 reading preview using skimming strategy

Friday 11/11/11 Veterans Day
Mercalli Scale introduction and discussion
Homework: Complete Mercalli scale activity - map and questions - for Tuesday 11.15.11

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