Tuesday, November 22, 2011


This year I'm thankful for all of my students and their desire to learn with me in class. Thank you for making my job interesting and exciting!

Activities for the week of November 21st include:

Monday -
Review Earthquake Waves activity - Objective: Use P and S wave data to locate an epicenter
Slinky waves lab - Objective: Distinguish between each of the 4 different types of earthquake waves.

Homework: complete the follow up questions for the Slinky wave lab for Tuesday.

Review slinky wave activity in class
Activity - comparing earthquake depths - Objective: Determine any patterns between earthquake depth and plate movement

Homework - complete the Earthquake depths graph and answer the follow up questions #1-4 (you can skip question #5) on the back of your graph.

Review earthquakes quiz from last Friday
Enrichment activity - logic problem solving
Trimester 1 extra credit opportunity - Earthquake power - due Thursday December 1st
Re-teaching - small groups - difficult concepts from earthquakes quiz - Corrections due at the end of the hour.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - have a safe and restful long weekend - Mrs. Olson

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