Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 24-27

This week is all about minerals!

In class - mineral  identities revealed, discussion of common products that use the minerals that we've been studying.

Homework: Complete the Minerals vocabulary activity #1 describing the seven mineral properties - due Tuesday

If you wish to make rock candy, you need to bring a glass jar and two cups of sugar from home by Tuesday Jan. 31st

In Class - Review minerals, practice identifying them based on properties.
Read Chapter 3 Section 2  - and complete the target reading activity in your notebook.

Homework: begin the mineral vocabulary review activity due on Friday

In Class - Minerals web quest - investigation of many things mineral - due at the end of the hour.

Homework: Mineral vocabulary review activity due Tomorrow.

Friday: In Class - Minerals timeline, - investigation on mining and refining to turn materials from the earth into products you use.

1st students begin the mineral identification test.

Homework: Bring materials for rock candy on Tuesday.

Notes: The Minerals exam will be on Friday February 3rd.

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Breaunna Palmer said...

I liked the mineral lab that we did a lot because we got to see and learn about new minerals. I like that you decided to let us make rock candy because we get to see how they form.